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General FAQ

  • What type of oil do I use ?

    Cat Pumps crankcase oil is specially formulated for our pumps. The proprietary high technology additive system offers a number of superior performance advantages:

    1. Anti-wear additives protect metal to metal drive surfaces extending drive life
    2. High oxidative and chemical stability resists deposit formations and provides consistent fluid performance
    3. Premium anti-corrosion additives offer protection in the most demanding operating environments


    The following containers are available:

    • 6132 bottle 1l
    • 6134 container 25l
  • Part numbers on documents from CPI do not always match those on the Cat Pumps' documentation?

    Most accessories are produced with BSP or NPT threads. European part numbers have been set up for products with BSP threads.

  • How to order spare parts for Cat Pumps ?

    The exploded view contains an item number, a part number and a material code. When ordering spare parts it is adviseable to use the part number. Item numbers of older exploded views do not always refer to the same part on the latest version.

  • How do I establish the size of the nozzle to use with my Cat Pump?

    The Formula is: Square root of (20 / pressure in bar)  x flow in l/min, round the result to 0,5.

    Example: 15 l/min - 100 bar

    SQR(20 / 100) x 15 = 6.71 The resulting size is 065 ( a bit more than 100 bar) or 07 (a bit less than 100 bar).

    Nozzle Calculation

    Your Pressure

    Your Flow


  • How do I calculate my RPM for a specific flow ?

    Relation flow and RPM

    Cat Pumps are volumetric pumps. The flow of the pump is determinated by the speed. To have less flow you need to reducce the speed of your pump by means of frequency control or pulleys.

    Example: 15 l/min at 1450 RPM. You desire only 10 l/min.

    1450/15 x 10 = 967 RPM

  • How do I calculate the power of my motor ?

    Motor power - How to calculate the kW or HP

    The formula is: flow in l/min x pressure in bar x 0,00275 = HP x 0,736 = kW

    Example: 15 l/min - 100 bar

    15 x 100 x 0,00275 = 4,125 PK x 0,736 = 3,036 kW

    Absorbed Power Calculation

    Your Pressure

    Your Flow

    Result in kW

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