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Fire prevention / Fire fighting


Fire prevention

High-pressure fire misting systems have numerous advantages over conventional fire sprinkler systems. A water mist fire extinguishing system is more effective than a fire sprinkler system while using just a fraction of the water required by the sprinkler system.

Using less water minimizes water damage to areas unaffected by the fire. Water droplets from a fire misting system are several times smaller than droplets from a sprinkler fire system. The smaller droplets give a rapid heat exchange, thus cooling the fire and converting the mist to steam. Steam displaces the oxygen, helping extinguish the fire faster. Fire suppression systems save lives and money by keeping fires from spreading, and those systems rely on highly dependable components.


Cat Pumps’ Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) foam firefighting systems combine the most dependable pump in the market with foam induction technology for the best quick-response technology. Our high- pressure, low-flow pumps deliver a precise metered water/foam solution up to 45 feet for quick fire suppression. Low-flow pumps provide increased time at the fire line, even with a limited supply of water. 

Our UHP foam firefighting systems use about a quarter the amount of water compared to other foam technologies. Not only will you conserve water but will also limit the amount of costly chemical required to extinguish the fire. The effectiveness and low water consumption make our systems a popular option for brush trucks and UTV applications. Along with low water usage, the high-pressure spray penetrates deep into roots for effective fire breaks and increased protection against rekindling.



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